As owners, we started Carolina Florist Supply in June of 1999, with a vision and passion for providing quality products and outstanding service to the Upstate of South Carolina. We offer a complete line of fresh flowers, grown locally, nationally and from around the world. We also stock a complete line of supplies for all of the floral industry.

We are fully aware that it is you–the customer–that keeps us in business. We cannot say that you are our number one focus because that does not entirely cover what you are to us. You and your success are our focus. We are committed to making you a successful business owner and we guarantee freshness, quality and service beyond expectation with all of our products. We strive to be on the cutting edge of our industry with new and innovative products that will make you a major player in your market. With Carolina Florist Supply, you and your business matter.

Here at Carolina Florist Supply, we wish to provide products and services that surpass expectations. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience to assist any customer, whether you are new to the floral business or are a veteran designer. Also, our staff is eager to suggest flowers and/or products for you to use; we can also give you tips on how to arrange your flowers.

– Mike and Connie Wood